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Fetal 4D scans

A 4D Fetal Ultrasound Scan will allow you to see a bit more of your baby before it is born.

3D ultrasound scans will show still pictures of your baby in three dimensions. On the other hand 4D scans will show moving 3D images of your baby in real time, with time being the fourth dimension. With  4D scans, you will see your baby’s outside appearance rather than his/her insides. You may see the shape of your baby’s mouth and nose, or be able to spot her yawning or sticking her tongue out.


Before 26 weeks your baby has very little fat under the skin, so the bones of the face will show through. After 30 weeks, your baby’s head may go deep down in your pelvis, so you may not be able to see the face. This ultrasound scan is normally carried out from 26 to 30 weeks. It allows detailed views of the baby’s facial features. A video and coloured images are provided at the end of the scan.

Oh and if you don’t want to know the sex of your baby make sure you tell Dr Cordina  in advance.



Frequently Asked Questions about 4D ultrasound

What will a 4D scan show me?
One of the most exciting reasons for having a 4D baby scan is the level of detail it’ll show you of your baby, in real-time. Depending on the babies position you’ll be able to see their face including eyes, mouth and nose. You’ll also be able to watch them stretch, yawn, wiggle their fingers and even stick their tongue out if they’re feeling particularly cheeky!
Occasionally you might find that your baby isn’t in an ideal position to see what you want to see. In these instances the sonographer may ask you to go for a brisk walk and return to try the scan again.

What are the benefits of a 4D scan?
The benefits of having a 4D scan will vary depending on your circumstance. For some mums-to-be they’re keen to have a 4D scan to get a better image of their baby and how it’s growing along with the added magic of seeing their little one moving around in real-time in the womb.
There are also medical benefits of a 4D scan with the sonographer able to check your baby’s growth, the position of your placenta and its appearance, the amount of amniotic fluid, the development of the stomach, kidneys and bladder, along with the gender if you wish to know it.

When is it recommended that I have a 4D scan?
There may be a few occasions where you may be recommended to have a 4D scan. These include the following:

  • If you’re experiencing an unusual pain and want further checks to see how your baby is progressing
  • If you’re experiencing bleeding or spotting
  • If you’re still unsure of the due date and want a clearer idea of development
  • If you have a history of early miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy