Rene Rossignaud

Gynae including 3D and endometrial assessment

1. What is an endometrial assessment and when is it carried out?

The endometrium is the lining inside the womb.
This lining is assessed as part of the investigation of infertility, irregular bleeding, heavy painful periods or bleeding after menopause.
It is also very important in the run up for assisted reproduction like in the case of IVF.

2. What type of Gynae 3D scans are carried at Veduta Clinic

A 3D scan of the uterus allows us to check the shape of the womb and the cavity inside the womb (i.e. where the baby develops).
This is important to exclude or confirm the presence of variations in the shape of the uterus or to assess for abnormal structures.
This is very important as part of the investigations for infertility.

Types of Scans carried out:

Gynae pelvic scan
For gynaecological pain or bleeding


  • Endometrial thickness
  • Presence of fibroids or polyps
  • Assessment of the ovaries
  • Assessment of the position of coils